BLUEBERRY - greg gerke


greg gerke

Bill Macam goes to work on a cloudy day and finds when he opens his lunch at noon to be missing the second blueberry granola bar his wife promised to add after they discussed how one would just not do. He complains to his co-workers and goes back to threading screws, burning with hunger. He doesn’t know how he makes it through the day but he does. When he gets home Bill finds his wife in bed with the second blueberry granola bar. She is naked and smoking a cigarette. After Bill, his wife, and the blueberry granola bar enter counseling they come to an agreement that one blueberry granola bar per day should be satisfying enough.

Greg Gerke currently lives in Buffalo. His work has or will appear in Fourteen Hills, Pedestal Magazine, Pindeldyboz, Hobart, Thieves Jargon, Eyeshot, elimae, and others. He is completing a novel set in Brooklyn. His website is