MILLENIALS - luke silver

None of my boat left. I’m all out. 

Mae claimed two. Tom took three. Fred wanted twelve white whales, said his friends are all fiends. 

I said, “Fred, they’re twenty a pop. Market prices. Completely clean.”

He paid for them all. Coating cloaks the Ketamine.

Terry’s by the speakers, go see him, he might have more. Heads up, his crowns are mixed with mescaline. Visuals should be on point.

Nate and Greg got nervous, gnashed on green dollar signs in line.

Guess their batch was weak. Both came tweaking, seeking mine.

Last time I saw Leon was with Charlotte in the grass.

Two whales deep,

Ain’t seen him this jazzed since Rebecca dumped his ass.

Mikey met some blond, now they're fondling in the rafters.

Soon some princess gets plowed by a legendary phallus.

Jules is puking by the bathroom.

His girl Hazel told me his come up came too strong.

She asked for my last pink owl. Then gave that look that says she wants to get it on.

She pulled out a pack of Camels, packed them, said, “How about a Blue?”

I said, “No thanks, Hazel. I’ve got my own cigarettes. Besides,

I’m a Marlboro 27 dude.”

Luke Silver
Thomas Bernhard