DARVOCET FLAVORED RESILIENCE - misti rainwater-lites

Darvocet Flavored Resilience

misti rainwater-lites

I still haven't filled the prescription because I have a high tolerance for pain and a predilection for Benadryl and Corona. I drive around Houston pulling my hair out strand by strand screaming, "STUPID CUNT!" to the innocent yuppie pulling his SUV into the right lane. I go inside a CVS to load up on Cheetos and a Fifth Avenue candy bar. There are no cashiers. I say, "Fuck this shit" and get in my car and see a Half-Price Books up ahead like a crazy rainbow in the mist. I buy an Anne Sexton biography and console myself by thinking, "I'm almost as hot and some of my poems are better than hers and someday maybe I will take a lover or six and kill myself in a fur coat before the shit really hits the ceiling fan."

Misti Rainwater-Lites writes a lot of books (collections of poetry and novels, mostly) and publishes them herself at lulu. com. She also has chapbooks available from Erbacce Press, Scintillating Publications, and Kendra Steiner Editions. Misti is one of five women poets featured in Sirens, an anthology published by Sisyphus Press. Misti's newest full-length poetry collection, Cuntasaurus Rex, will be published by Tainted Coffee Press this fall. Misti is afraid of spiders, tornadoes, shiny floors and phone calls.