GUESTS - bill barr


bill barr

I awaken by strains of Sinatra’s Witchcraft one keeping time with a wrench on my exposed water pipes the agent used as a retro-selling point to address lines of rust crossing the living room I scraped painted yellow to match our dinner plates. Blinded blood dripping from above running down scalp flapping over my eye inner eye air brushing the wound Why? handcuffed above my head shirt bunched around shoulder blades sunburn? cigarette burns lashes many lashes man wanted to know where the money was Told him told no No! He gave back whiskey burned in into my flesh I Need a drink Lick dregs from the floor I find I like the taste of blood Now Pull knees to my chest rise to a fetal crouch find my love in a heap under the man I crush and crush with the sink I heave from the wall. The other shoots me through the hip I fall to the floor breaking every bone in his foot with my sink my sink Jasmine sweet bashes brains on our hand-woven silk salmon rug an unwanted wedding present from her mother with an iron we had to have.