MOPED MADNESS - peter schwartz


peter schwartz

I'm riding this sweet ass
50cc "MAUI DREAMER" 4 stroke moped, without my helmet, doing 20 mph but I swear to fucking God it feels like 50. 'Master of Puppets' is blasting on my walkman. If I die on this thing I'm going out in a blaze of fucking glory, believe that.

I see this chick Pamela from school surrounded by five jocks. She's not the prettiest girl but she has a big ass and the second biggest tits in the sophomore class. She's never been mean to me and since most girls have I take that as being nice. There's a rumor out that her step-dad fucked her. I slow down and take my headphones off. The jocks are grabbing her tits and calling her a slut and telling her they want to fuck her too.

I put my headphones back on, crank the volume to 10 and drive away. I hear Pamela scream, so I turn around, open up my ped full throttle, and let out a Comanche war cry. I crash straight into Dan, the leader, and hear the bones of his legs crack. I don't even lose control. Everyone is shocked, frozen. I plow into another one, but without momentum. They pile on easily and kick the shit out of me. Pam looks at me and laughs and runs away.