FEATURED AUTHOR - douglas watson

Douglas Watson's stories have appeared in Backwards City Review, Sou'wester, and elsewhere. He claims to live in Brooklyn and to be writing a book called The Era of Not Quite.

Normally I don't do individual author features. There are so many voices that deserve to be heard. I have put out the call for erratic, precise, playful, honest, original, disgraceful, hopelessly optimistic, dirty, beautiful, ugly, over the top writing; and you guys have answered.

Recently, I received an email from Kyle Minor praising the writing of Douglas Watson, so I solicited, and he obliged, and I was not disappointed. I read through his stories, then again, and again, again. They were erratic, beautiful, disgraceful, hopelessly optimistic, all the things I require from Dogzplot contributors, but in addition they are something else. I find in each of these stories a vulnerability that is pure and honest and pitiful and hopeful and hopeless. It is beautiful.

Please enjoy!