Mama Mouse, Keep Your Children Safe

lou marin

This morning while out raking dead leaves and grass from the lawn in the warm springtime sun, I came across a discarded Little Debbie snack cake box.

Now, a man bent upon cleaning up, not blessed with curiosity, would have raked it into the refuse pile and gone about his tasks. Not me. I picked up the box, faded, battered from the weight of the snow that held it in place in the corner of the rose bush for the last few months.

Inside, I spied a little nest made of shredded newspaper, bits of cotton, and fallen rose petals. There were little pink baby bodies squirming among the cotton batten and paper. I thought how like heaven it is to be in a cozy home surrounded by loved ones. I reached through the spokes of a steel wagon wheel and placed the box deeper under the rose bushes.

Lou Marin, an Air Force Technical Sergeant, is a native of Maine, who has lived his entire adult life in the prairie town of Minot, ND, with his wife. He has a daughter who resides in Tehachapi, California. He has placed in several contests on and has a book of poetry entitled AWASH WITH WORDS published.