BUFFALO - jason lee norman


jason lee norman

When she found me, I was in the woods. She was starving, I was a wild animal. My mind was a tornado. Life was a Van Morrison song.

I was by the water, exhausted and slow. She came up behind me and put her knife in my ear. When she whispered I could feel it in my coccyx. She told me how she would kill me, how she would eat my heart.

You can't kill me on the Sabbath, I said, there are rules.

There are rules, and exceptions to rules, and there is my knife in your brain, she said.

Give me three days, I said. Her breath makes my neck wet. Three days and then I'll come back to this spot, right here.

She throws me to the ground and straddles my back. Her knife tears my ear from my head and the blood runs down my cheeks and into my mouth. It tastes like metal, like strawberry jam. The blood stains my teeth. It smells of paint.

Three days, she said.

Jason Lee Norman
Slaughterhouse Five
Kurt Vonnegut