IN THE WATER - josh olsen


josh olsen

While walking along the river, Jack and I found a black garbage bag and my first suspicion was that there was probably a baby inside; it turned out to be some empty cans, but my fear wasn't completely unjustified. Just the other week, police discovered the body of a man who had been decapitated and set on fire, and not long after that a nineteen year-old girl who had been asphyxiated in the mud. As I warily probed the contents of the bag, an old Asian man in Coke-bottle glasses and a green Puma tracksuit passed along the shore. He, Jack, and I all smiled and exchanged pleasantries and he warmly tousled Jack's hair, but, based upon recent events, I assumed he thought I was there to throw my son in the water.

Josh Olsen
Johnny Ryan