CONFESSIONS OF AUGUSTA - alexandra isacson


alexandra isacson

I’m not crazy, and I’m even a Mensa member. I just misuse my sexual energy. I trace it to Raves and E as a teen and high creativity. My husband left me over my infidelities, so I paid him off. I take one day at a time. I tore down my altar to Venus. I truly miss her embodiment. This is day 61 of my sobriety.

The treatment center was peaceful, cloistered away in the mountains and Saguaro cacti. We had to dress conservatively. They discouraged smoking and even drinking coffee. I met a hot guy named Dave there. The treatment cost my parents a mint.

I saw Dr. Stein on day 68. He told me about an SA group and asked about my boundaries. I’m not going to make-out with my friends, flirt, or flash cleavage anymore. I liked the group, and Dave was there. He lives here in the valley. We had Spanish coffee, and I wondered what he would be like.

I’m ashamed that I totally blew it with Dave.

We went to the group the following week, and Dave told everyone. I’m not going back, and I’m rebuilding my altar to Venus. I have better boundaries now.

Alexandra Isacson
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