SMOKES - dan richardson


dan richardson

Mary sat in the gutter because the bus stop had no seat. Sitting is easier then standing, or leaning against a telephone pole.

I should start smoking, thought Mary.

I could stand at popular social events and be alone. People would just think “Oh, a girl smoking. How normal”. I would not have to talk to anyone, because I would look occupied. I would smoke so intently. I would ask a cute boy for a lighter even if I had one in my back pocket. Our small talk would progress to meaningful conversation about things with the prefix post-. He would become my boyfriend. He would seem awkward and self absorbed at first. I would change him. I would teach him to love. We would lie smoking and talking after sex. He wouldn't just roll over and leave me with nothing but messy sheets and low self esteem. We would sit outside at cafes drinking black coffee and eating bagels. He would know every second person walking past, and introduce me to them.

Yeah, thought Mary. Life would be easier if I smoked.

Dan Richardson
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