LAUGHTER - letisia cruz

Little masterpieces fell out of the sky. They were red and black and white. You were electric when you touched me. I was swimming in you. The room lit up like the sun, and I think we were glowing.

That’s how I remember it anyway. What about you?

It rained. The AC was broken and we fucked. I was sweating like a pig.

That’s lovely. Really.

I wasn’t finished. Your hair smelled like coconuts. I was drunk with you or in you or both. And when you kissed me, I prayed for tornados and hurricanes just so you wouldn’t leave.

What do you pray for now?


Do you think the grass is greener when the stars are all aligned? Because it looks greener.

I think the grass is greener when you’re here.

Even when it rains?

Especially when it rains.

Letisia Cruz
The Angel's Game
Carlos Ruiz Zafon