VINTAGE MODELS - alexandra isacson

Anna dropped off vintage clothes at the cleaners. She desired to do a shoot, but her model friends had moved to NYC, LA, Portland, and China. While summering in Greenwich Village, Anna hadn’t put up anything new in her store; however, her long, flowy dresses were still selling internationally, and she and her clothes were featured on vintage fashion blogs. Pre-Raphaelite paintings infused the consciousness of her rural, windblown shoots. While making art in the Village, someone she didn’t know from her hometown messaged her about modeling. She looked vaguely familiar and might work. At home, Anna sorted through a new package of 57 vintage dresses she bought for 33 cents a piece on line and others for half price at her favorite thrift store. She rushed out to drop off more clothes at the cleaners. A beautiful clerk helped her, and the silk pieces flashed static in their hands. Photos, poses, and vintage clothes shimmered through her as she realized who she was.

Alexandra Isacson
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Jason Jordan