GETTING OVER A PRICK - jacqueline doyle

Marcie started it by calling him a prick, a real prick.

"Yeah, well I seem to remember you liking my prick," Eddie replied.

"All women say that. It doesn't mean anything. Your dick's nothing special."

"Just like your cunt, cunt."

There didn't seem to be much to say after that. Tomorrow she'd go out and buy a pet, something unusual. An iguana maybe. Her friend in Brooklyn says they eat cockroaches. Or a rabbit. But they nibble on the furniture. A rooster. There's plenty of room in the back yard.

Yeah, a rooster. She'll call him Edward. Eddie hated that name. Or maybe just Dildo. She definitely likes the idea of waking up to the crowing of a cock.

Jacqueline Doyle
Live from Fresno Y Los
Stephen D. Gutierrez