LOVE AND COMPUTERS - robert john miller

She's shooting Paul Auster quotes at me like I give a fuck. It's 5 AM and we haven't slept since yesterday's 5 AM. I actually like Paul Auster so it's nothing personal against him and nothing personal against her either, or her needs -- which for the record I've tried to put before my own for the last 7 hours -- but I tell her she needs to get some sleep soon to reset the fucking programs running in her fucking head before they completely fucking crash, because worst-case-scenario some people accidentally wipe their heads clean and have to reinstall everything that ever made anything make any fucking sense at all to them, not that we're probably going there right now but I ask her are you understanding what I mean? She tells me that being tired is no excuse for gratuitous use of the word fuck and I tell her good night. Then she says he says, "There is nothing people will not do, and the sooner you learn that, the better off you'll be," and do I agree? I tell her it's an obvious fucking no, because the one thing she won't do right now is sleep.

Robert John Miller
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