NEW TESTAMENT - cheyenne nimes

COASTAL LAND, islands and the sea. Through the plastic windshield of the airplane. Coconut trunks, happy hunting ground, three-mile limit. Cutwater. Simpler life forms. Of thinking with things as they exist. Decorations, ornaments, symbolic objects. There is no difference between past, present, and future. Dark green separates to white, land of the dead color. As if it had always been there. Geologic time scale. Things are over and over. Cyclical events. Coming attractions. Wild West Show. Is this story. Mockup. All tenses at once because time is here and now always. Letters written in pencil too many years ago. This is where the sun would be if there was any. The initial sun-sized sun. Shore leave. Hallucinogen. Uptight, outta sight! Customs, formalities, procedures. Portable floodlights, electric torches. In one area there were skulls everywhere and --. You saw this picture coming. Deception. See strategy, intrigue, deception. In a clearing in a pineapple field he posed. And dog-toothed mouth went dark. You could hear the GI’s making jokes before being unceremoniously shot.

Cheyenne Nimes
Nano Fiction