FIRST STORY EVER - david james keaton

You were hysterical, so I jumped out and found it glowing red in the taillights, dead as hell, everything facing the wrong way. That’s when you got out, too, and I thought our day would be ruined if you saw. We still had an hour before we were even close.

So I kicked the dog under the car. Then I ran to the ditch and acted like I watched it run away. I was like, “Damn, tough little bastard. Not even a limp.”

You believed me, not knowing it was right by your feet. When you calmed down, we got back in, and I thought, “If I pull this off, I swear I’ll tell the truth someday."

Right about then, the back tire rolled over its head.
If you knew, you gave no clue.

I was gonna write a story about it, get it off my chest, but it would be my first story ever, and you’d know something was up.

David James Keaton
The Whale
Philip Hoare