lindsay hunter

Vagina Saint. Noun. Lady who sprinkles her wares for the greater good. Like when Pigface's momma laid it on that old half-dead geezer down the street. Didn't even ask could she have a ride, could he spare some green. Did it out the good of her heart. We tried to watch but the old man had some decorum, turns out, had drawn the yellow curtains. We made do watching the trailer thunder side to side till Pigface shot at us with his BB. We ate grilled cheeses his momma made after her shower and watched the old man on his porch, watched him admire the blown glitter of an evening's swarm of fireflies. This was a day to remember, we had that in common. See there's no cure for loneliness, but a vagina saint could slather you in balm and set you to wobbling, happy and lit as a dark-drunk firefly.