Death is a selfish act and that’s why everyone does it. You will have no excuse when you don’t. And you’ll think about this fact every time you’re finger fucked, with every grimy digit tunneling into your special wet. And you’ll think it’s pleasant, like a bleeding relief worth a few hundred dollars. And still raw from his touch, you’ll get home push that button again and again, while his friends sniff his fist and he thinks about nothing. If you light yourself on fire your mother will join a TV panel discussion. Her hair and make-up will be perfect. And the episode will win an Emmy, but you’ll still be the girl of his jack off nightmares. And forever you’re going to be special, so tangy, so green. Remember, you only get one first time. So try everything once, twice if we’re talking acid. And just like that song about how many times you were a lady, a bowling ball has the same number of fuckable holes.

CS DeWildt
A Soft Touch from The Acid House
Irvine Welsh