PRIMAL BEAUTY - michelle meyers

I still thought you were beautiful even after you took off the long, blonde wig and took out the blue contact lenses and peeled off the fake eyebrows and the fake black lashes and the clip-on nose ring, wiped away the foundation, the rouge, the liner, the shadow, the mascara, the lipstick and gloss and plumper, wiped away the spay-on tan, the cover-up that hid the tiny whiteheads on your chin, took out the retainer with the two fake teeth wired to the front, stripped off the plastic fingernails with French tips, undid the water bra stuffed with socks and toilet paper, untied the corset, slipped off the high heels, pulled down the control-top tights, unscrewed your prosthetic arm. And I still thought you were beautiful when you showed me the scars on your abdomen and the one across your throat and the one that snakes along the top of your head. It reminds me of the serpent from the Garden of Eden, except this time the serpent is sewn into the ground, and Adam and Eve can do whatever they want.

Michelle Myers
Wonder When You'll Miss Me
Amanda Davis