FORGET ME NOT - dr. mel waldman

I got this weird phobia you probably never heard of - athazagoraphobia. Yeah. I take a deep breath and let the vowels roll across my tongue and into the human-sphere beyond my flesh. Yeah.

I say the word. A-THAZ-A-GOR-A-PHO-BI-A. The fear of being forgotten. It freaks me out. What am I doing here? Where? Here, on planet Earth.

Only a couple creeps know I exist. Who’s going to remember me in the future, even a year from now? Do you understand? I’m nothing. Get it? Some days I totally shut down. Feel nothing. Vanish. So I cut myself and maybe, when the freakin’ blood flows, I remember who I am. Maybe.

But fuck it. I’ll do anything to feel real. You won’t forget me, cause I’m coming for you with a switchblade or a .38 I bought on the street. You and the world’s gonna know who I am. Just read tomorrow’s paper. Yeah.

Forget me not, motherfucker!

Dr. Mel Waldman
Pierre Lemaitre