BURGER KING - louis packard

u are sitting in a burger king eating a triple bk stacker when u notice u are choking. u try to violently swallow several times to no avail. the air coming out of your lungs has nowhere to go and it is a terrifying sensation. u are terrified. u stand up and start to make muted sounds, trying to indicate that u are choking. u did not learn the international sign for choking or how to use the heimlich maneuver properly on yourself because u skipped health class on the day that was taught with your friend jeffery and smoked reggie weed that u bought from seniors underneath the bleachers. an old man sitting alone reading a newspaper ignores u because he thinks u are an insane person. a tall woman comes up to u and asks, “are u ok sweetie” before realizing u are choking and starts to scream. she tried to dial 9-1-1 on her cell phone but accidentally punches in 9-9-1 and doesn’t realize her mistake. the teen behind the register doesn’t know what to do and runs into the back room. there is a man sitting alone at a table, having finished his bk stacker two minutes before u started choking. this man has been properly trained on how to use the heimlich maneuver but is terrified that he will mess it up and kill u anyways or that he will make the same mistake while trying to call 9-1-1 and dial 9-9-1 like the tall woman who is now shouting at the operator of 9-9-1 to connect her to 9-1-1. the man who knows how to do the heimlich maneuver sits silently at his table and wishes he was on xanax. u choke to death in a burger king. u choke to death in a goddamn burger king on a triple bk stacker at age 28. a stoned teen makes fun of u while watching the local news that night with his friends.

Louis Packard
Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me
Richard Farina