its advertising to include sides of barns, sides of billboards, the backs of stamps, the inside of lamps, the toll booth operator’s forehead, the toll booth operators’ scrotums, Billy Corgan’s tongue (both sides), in any vomit outside of CBGB, the lowest depths of Hell (including the seventh circle of violence, the eighth circle of fraud, the ninth circle of treachery, the tenth circle of advertising, and a particular concentration on covering the fourth circle of greed), and every aspect of the Milky Way from Pluto to the infinite other side of the universe.  They have copyrighted the number 15, the number 666, the number pi, the word “number,” and the number “word.” The ad agency working for Geico decides they will official sell their souls to Satan, to Jesus, to Buddha, to Shiva, to any God who can help increase their CEO’s multi-billion dollar income even if it means that their children’s children’s children’s children’s souls will be damned to an eternity of Geico ads in Hell—loud, bright, cliché-embracing, and absolutely repetitive to the point where Nazi brainwashing and the most vicious of torture techniques are comparatively breaths of fresh air.
Ron Riekki
Knut Hamsun