K - sheldon lee compton

I had lunch with K at American Buffet. I let him drive. He asked if they served open face roast beef. They did indeed. He asked if the sandwich came with a satchel of some kind. No. No they did not.

He lived for two years without running water or heat. No air conditioning, either. He shat in the toilet for the entire two and a half years and it just built up until it touched his backside when he sat down.

When K was in the hospital I tried to cheer him up. I suggested the hospital was haunted. He thought about it. Maybe. There were a lot of electrical outlets, he said.

Once during the winter he came to my workplace but didn't say anything. He stood beside me for about two minutes and then left.

The thing on this guy Phil Spector's head, it was tumbleweed. K told me this on our way back from American Buffet. He was listening to news radio while we turned onto South Central Avenue by the old courthouse. K used to work with me. He asked if he could drive me straight to my desk.

Sheldon Lee Compton
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