TIME LORDS - chris negron

She shifted in the passenger seat. Blue and white flowers danced on her dress and she was ranking the actors who played Dr. Who. “I liked Matt Smith a lot, but Tom Baker is still my favorite.” I wanted to tell her everyone’s favorite was Tom Baker but maybe that wasn’t true and anyway her bent knees were a little bit pink and I wished I kept my car cleaner. 

An old man crossed in front of us. He was walking slowly with bowed legs, as if he were riding something but he wasn’t, he was just walking, and when he looked up, he nodded at me. Without thinking, I waved back. Maybe because no one had ever waved to me all the times I’d lugged my backpack across this same street, hoping I’d meet someone like her, hoping her legs would brush against my seat’s fabric more than just the one time.

“Do you know him?” she asked. Her voice seemed far away. 

I couldn’t tell her I had just traveled in time without a blue box. All I could say was, “Yes.” Really, it was all I could ever say to her.

Chris Negron
Beautiful Ruins
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