A LEGACY - joanna arnow

They said to write whatever came to mind, but all I can think about is peanut butter. After I finish writing this, they will give me a snack with peanut butter. Because the peanut butter snack always follows the writing, my whole entry is about peanut butter every time.

Does eating peanut butter feel as good as having orgasm? I feel I would have to eat peanut butter and then masturbate right afterwards to accurately judge. But they usually make us do the art activity right after they give us the peanut butter, so I will likely never know whether I like peanut butter or orgasms more.

Creamy peanut butter, creamy orgasms.

I hope my grandchildren do not read this diary when I die, because then they will believe all I thought about is peanut butter. 

Joanna Arnow
Manual for a Cleaning Woman
Lucia Berlin