Certain Facts About Squirrels, Brown, Black, or Otherwise

barry graham

It was my understanding that squirrels hibernate for the winter. But here we are - February. I have only encountered two types of squirrels - those that run when you get too close, and those that notice you approaching and begin taking advanced measures long before any plan is devised pertaining to their capture. Cars park along the street in no parking zones. If I park in a no parking zone my car would be towed away, never to be seen again. Here, cars run stop signs at intersections, run over squirrels trying to cross the road, then illegally park beside the fire hydrant in front of the Post Office. If squirrels can see a person coming from one hundred yards away, why can't they see oncoming traffic? Suppose they could, and car dodging is an unconscious mating ritual where only the bravest car dodging squirrels are chosen to reproduce. If that were the case natural selection would leave only brave squirrels who would not run when they see people coming from one hundred yards away. Blissfield is the only place I've ever seen a black squirrel. I have never seen a black squirrel run across the road into oncoming traffic. I have not seen a black squirrel since winter has arrived, just regular squirrels, only fatter. Regular squirrels, black squirrels, no flying squirrels.