WINTER - zachary c. bush


zachary c. bush

Ester's parents are in Paris over Christmas break. Twelve naked bodies pack the downstairs living room, playing Santa Claus, fucking to Christmas carols and vanilla scented candles. Ester and I are upstairs in her parent's sleigh bed. I don't remember what all I took tonight, but I feel just right. Ester's got a glittery leather belt wrapped around my bicep. She pops the skin of a blue vein running up my forearm with the small spike tip. I feel the warmed wave. I look up, blink my eyes, and everything in the room is moving towards me. Ester whispers something into my ear and the rest is a blur.

Zachary C. Bush, 24, is a writer and a co-editor of poetry for Thieves Jargon. In 2007, ZCB authored three chapbooks of poetry: Outside the Halfway House (Scintillating Publications), We Swallow(ed) Spiders in our Sleep (Pudding House Publications), and co-authored NEXT EXIT: FOUR with Brad Kohler (Kendra Steiner Editions). ZCB is a member of the Guerilla Poetics Project. Check us out: