REVENGE - garret schuelke


garret schuelke

Dave took aim with his bow and arrow. He did not steady the shot. He knew the arrow would hit its mark.

Off the arrow went. It passed by some people, some houses, some birds, some clouds, some planes, and some stars. It tore into Gabriel's wings. Down Gabriel went towards Earth.

He made a crater when he crashed. Dave walked up to the edge. "That's what you get!" he yelled, pointing at Gabriel.

"Get what?" Gabriel asked, confused."For having prettier wings than me!"

Dave flew down the street. Gabriel went into the dollar store to purchase a ketchup-fueled jetpack.

This isn't over Dave, he thought. He put on the jetpack. I shall have my vengeance!

He flew up towards the sun. He was seen again fifteen minutes later walking his catdog around the park.

A prostitute gave him $3.50 and jumped into the river. He bought a jazzercise cassette tape and some gummy bears. He decided to go home, kill his catdog, and watch a foot fetish film on his black and white T.V.

Garret Schuelke, 20, is a writer and poet born and currently living in Alpena, MI. He is currently attending Alpena Community College and plans to go into a career in Journalism. His works have previously appeared in The Heel Press and Edit Red. His "official" website is: