LITTLE KIDS WANT - mikael covey

Little Kids Want

mikael covey

The room all dark, shades drawn against the sun, the old air conditioner on full blast humming in the window. Dad's so sick, lying in bed under that huge gold-colored quilt. White as death with blood-red eyes, like a vampire or a dope fiend. The asthma and hay fever are killing him. He can't survive here with the spring pollen bursting like spores that invade your lungs and your soul. Has to go up north and stay with my aunt. All summer long I'm here all alone. Just me and the grandparents. Nothing means anything, just killing time day after meaningless day. Without a mom, you get so close to your dad, your pal, your whole world sort of. Making things right like no one else can. One Saturday morning I'm up early, before everyone else. Down in the kitchen, all quiet and dark. And...he's there. His eyes shining and smiling at me. "Daddy!" I run and jump into his arms.

Mikael Covey lives in Dakota with his five-year old girl. Mike's goal is to change the world through writing. His blog is Literary Monthly, other published works are here.