LOVE DAWG - justin blackburn

Love Dawg

justin blackburn

She forgets the amazing triumphant beautiful joy as she waits for the children to get out of school. She comes home and the husband moans at her bones about the bills. He complains so much, soon he could die of cancer.

The moon rises like a knife. The surreal and in-depth meaning of eyelids opening to the stars, changes the clutching grasp of her fight over money. There seems no way out and that is the easy way.

All of a sudden a knock on the door, she opens the door, it is everyone's favorite musical cowboy Jim James and he sings with a sparkle in his teeth, "love dawg, can't you see, you will never have to fight with me."

Justin Blackburn, author of Gifted Disabilities and It's Hard To Get There When You Are Already There both available on Justin Blackburn believes in love and enjoys emotions.