j.a. tyler

He cut a poem into the shape of a heart and put it where his real heart used to be.

He wears his hat backwards but it gives him headaches so he takes fistfuls of tylenol.

When he walks dryer sheets fall from his pant legs like crumpled rain.

He is in love now with a woman who is not his wife.

Other than that he has no friends or enemies.

But he is happy when the air is cold and blows through the open windows of an empty house.

Sometimes he can be quite charming.

There are times when he feels like maybe he is two or more people.

And those times run counter to the moments when he doesn’t exist at all.

He can be invisible but only to himself.

Everyone else sees him always in the corner or with his eyebrows pulled into a look of disdain.

He can’t control his movements anymore.

He is rapidly dissolving in a world like water to alka seltzer.

Among other publications, J. A. Tyler has recent work in Lamination Colony, Monkey Bicycle, Thieves Jargon, Underground Voices, & Word Riot. His debut novella is forthcoming from Ghost Road Press in 2009 and his prose poetry chapbook will be available soon from Trainwreck Press. He is also founding editor of the literary review Mud Luscious and a recent addition to the online editorial team at Pindeldyboz. Read more at www.aboutjatyler.com.