HEROINE - lauren becker


lauren becker

I’ve lived in this house two weeks now and Jack has decided I should fuck Aron. Aron’s bored. I’m depressed. Jack is gay and wants Aron. I’m his proxy.

Jack is the Julie McCoy of the house. Everyone wants to be around him. He has chosen me as his Gopher. Gay boys love me because I’m not a hag. I’m not fat or insecure. I love boys and share explicit stories with Jack.

Jack is a heroin addict. He is fabulous. He is also rich, rich, rich. His nice Mormon family despairingly laments his “imperfection.” They throw money at him. He buys smack.

Jack thinks I have beautiful skin. I do. Eager for adventure, he asks about spas. I tell him about a horrifyingly expensive nearby resort. He uses the credit card number he has memorized to order $2000 worth of skin products. Jack gives me a facial. He gently moisturizes my face.

Jack sneaks me into Aron’s room. He is excited. Aron and I are bored and lonely. It is unsatisfying and sad. Jack is happy.

Lauren Becker lives in Oakland, CA and has been published most recently in Word Riot. She is obsessed with cupcakes and e-mail, and may be reached at: ljb921@gmail.com.