d.w. green

Johnny cracked a tooth the other day, a wisdom tooth, while cleaning out the inside of his wood chipper. The tooth should have been removed years ago but he’d wanted to get through college with them all in tact, so he went down to the local barber shop post haste to have it attended to.

“This is a barber shop son. You have to get a hair cut.”
“I see. Good up sale. All right then. I’ll have a haircut and a tooth removed.”
“I only do haircuts boy.”

The barber walked to the door and held it open. Johnny grabbed him by his marshmallowy face and pushed it half way through the plate glass door slicing both ears clean off.

Outside, Johnny decided he could no longer handle the pain and took a seat at the café. He reached into his own mouth, and from the spot the tooth should have been, pulled out a hard jagged piece of charcoal. He sniffed it, hickory, then recalled having had his wisdom pulled out just last week. He laughed at his foolishness and flipped the nasty wet charcoal into a coffee cup.

D.W.Green can often be found sleeping under a desk at Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink.