PRAYER - megan detrie


megan detrie

Our father who art in heaven, I pray for Palestinians to have electricity, for single mothers to get their alimony checks and you do not listen. But, I think this one might be up your alley. Dear God, tonight, at this party, I want to kiss a girl. I want to stand close to some pretty thing in a green summer dress and ask her name. Praise be to the Lord who created skirts that flutter around dancing thighs. I ask for gentle, soft kisses, lips barely parted. Let there be happy confusion in her eyes when the goodbye kiss misses the cheek and lips half meet. Send me a chorus of angels to witness. God, you are a being of passion: who could make a world in six days except a man driven by inner fury? A man who demands beauty. Well, I demand that tonight the beauties of the world leave their hair down so I can run my fingers through it. I am patient, God. The tension will build as our lips play I Dare You and No, You First. Two of the best games you've ever created. Tonight, oh Lord, I know its hallelujah. Amen.

Megan Detrie
Guy de Maupassant