BUCKETHEAD - robert a. dollesin


robert a. dollesin

Marty got home from work and found the Great Dane puppy inside the house with its snout stuck in a metal bucket. While the dog ran blindly around the living room, clanking against furniture and toppling flowerpots, Marty's two daughters sat cross legged on the carpet in front of the television playing their video games. Marty exploded. He told the children to shut the damn television off, get up off their butts and get the the pail off the poor dog's face. His eldest daughter, Rosemary, took hold of the dog's tail. Little Natalie wrapped her skinny arms around the silver pail attached to the dog's snout. At the same time, the two girls both held on tight, closed their eyes, and tugged.

And that, Marty explained to the Animal Control officer, is how Buckethead, the tailless Great Dane he was surrendering, got its name.

Robert Aquino Dollesin
Eric Beetner