audri sousa

you say lonely but do you really know lonely this is not about loneliness this is about pissing away the biology dissection because it was against your code of ethics this is about everybody's own burlesque this is about hands connecting with drums pristine like animism this is about how you relish the pain of small metals and sudoku kisses and used to make barricades in the alley between our houses this is about alienating all your remaining friends after watching three slow deaths of people this is about choosing poor over routined choosing sexed over loved choosing a new independent himalaya over an old suburban america this is about how good organic cotton feels against your otherwise naked body how good sound feels against your otherwise naked veins in a dark alone public bathroom hair unwashed a dead poet's line in your head with lips in rapture this is about words like orange peels cut and curled into water this is about feeling music as sex with eyes closed and seeing with fists closed and receiving transmissions with elbows poised to renounce your gods this is about touching the oversoul behind pupils wet with their own cum this is about reaching upward for no reason apathetic about all the plastic gossip all the perks of industry apathetic about whether you have want or need people this is about the act of kneeling with a hand caked in blue paint and an impulse toward iconoclasm this is about never wearing a watch this is about the insects that crawl over you while you are asleep this is not about loneliness this is an ugly square made of words about things

Audri Sousa
measuring tape for the midwest
noah falck