BLUE - jan windle


jan windle

Blue was his colour, he always said, went with his Michael Caine eyes.

Midnight blue velvet suit, in the seventies, their twenties. (She stroking nightly its nap as they sat on her hard Ercol sofa, until he revealed the smooth contrast of the skin beneath.)

His wedding suit a sky-blue linen creation (Her mother, late to the ceremony, breathing,”Isn’t he beautiful”, as he led her, tearstained, up to the flower-decked registry office table).

Pure cotton, cerulean and cobalt shirts in the eighties (hell to iron, but hell, they were still in love.)

Prussian blue golf shoes and an ultramarine Armani fleece in the nineties, as far as she could recall.

He bought her a cloud-blue Honda just before their blue skies ended. In it, she took off alone, struck out on a polychrome adventure, towards the blue horizon, the lurid sunset calling her away to look for the gold at the end of her rainbow.

When they met again, she saw that at some point his eyes had faded to grey, along with their hair. Blue was still his colour.

Jan Windle
Everything is Illuminated
Jonathan Safran Foer