bob jacobs

Gloria's building a time-machine. She started a month ago.

She began by collecting empty egg boxes and the tubes from inside toilet rolls, and got some old cardboard boxes and silver foil. She's assembling it in the spare bedroom, held together with Sellotape, Blu-tack and paper clips. She spends most of her day sitting on a fold-away plastic chair in the middle of this contraption, with her eyes shut and her hands resting on her lap.

She told me that she only needs one more part, a chrono-something, but it hasn't been invented yet. So she waits.

Every now and then she'll wander into the lounge and pick up our wedding photo. She'll stare at it for a few minutes, then she'll climb back inside the time machine and wait. And maybe cry a little.

Bob Jacobs
Rape: A Love Story
Joyce Carol Oates