IRIS - rick hale

I'm going to wash my belongings and pile them all together in the same room.‭ ‬I'm going to shut the door and allow them to become familiar with each other.‭ ‬Then we will go to Mexico.‭ ‬I will eat biscuits.‭ ‬I will go outside.‭ ‬The sun will look dazzlingly light and secure,‭ ‬and I will give it a new name.‭ ‬You will introduce yourself to me as Iris.‭ ‬You will pick up your white stick and take me out into the desert.‭ ‬We will hunt for things,‭ ‬holding our guns and looking through our sights at unimportant things.‭ ‬Your rainbow eyes will fall on me hard.‭ ‬My body will wake up lying in your bed with my head on your chest.‭ ‬I will tell you about the time I washed all my belongings and went outside.‭ ‬You will tell me about the snowball effect,‭ ‬that it is not an accumulation or gathering of speed.‭ ‬You will tell me it is an explosion.‭ ‬A firecracker of cold white powder fanned out across the pavement like the eyeless spread of an albino peacock's tail.

Rick Hale
The Journey to the East
Hermann Hesse