WHAT JIMMY WANTS - linda sands

To be fucked.‭ ‬To be fucked up to be fucked on,‭ ‬but never,‭ ‬never does he want to be fucked over.‭ ‬He wants to tell the girl on the bar stool that he calls the shots. ‭ ‬He wants to tell her about that time‭— ‬that time he thought he was going to die except when he tells her it will be that he believed he was going to become God.‭

He was fucked up then.‭ ‬You can’t take all that shit and not have something bad happen.‭ ‬The doctors told him he did it because he wanted to die.‭ ‬But Jimmy knows better.‭ ‬He did it because he wanted to live,‭ ‬in a bigger place,‭ ‬in a wider place,‭ ‬in a place where the girls came to him,‭ ‬where they beckoned him with their angel wings,‭ ‬where they straddled him on a cloud.

He stares at the girl on the bar stool,‭ ‬at the crack of her ass.‭ ‬He wants to be the only one she looks at on her way out the door.‭ ‬He wants her to straddle her Harley FatBoy,‭ ‬flip her long red hair over one shoulder then crook her finger in his direction and beckon.