DEVIL IN THE ATTIC - nathan elias

Today is my fifth birthday and my cousin tells me there is a devil in the attic. And he kidnapped your sister. You can only see the devil on your fifth birthday, he says. If you ever want to see her again you got to go save her. I haven’t seen the devil yet but I have seen the plastic bodies my aunt hides in the attic. I know I can’t save her without weapons.

Alright, I say. I’ll go in after her. But only if I can wear your talking Wolverine mask and gloves.

I climb the stairs to the attic, claws out. I do not turn on the light because I know better than anyone that devils hate light.

The door closes.

There is silence.

It’s locked, a voice says, you’re all alone in there.

All I can see is the devil standing in front of the armoire next to the mirror, rows of plastic bodies behind him. I’m not alone, I whisper. I got an army to take down.

Nathan Elias
The Truth and All Its Ugly
Kyle Minor