PICTURE PALACE - cheyenne nimes

COLD OPEN. Sometimes in these stories. Extract the likeness out of your tongue, the totems. Fresh kills. Writing anthems. I know your words line by line. A story that’s been worked on so long it’s become something else. The first is last. Fear not little flock. Establishing shot: That we have been told about since the beginning. Witless. Bright red. Snapping. The neck is too small. Who were you later and did you know it? Station Identification. Black-&-blue mark. Blue baby. Full frame. Primary colors. Underground bases. File footage. Mo-HAV-ee. Restricted territory. A disaster picture. Everything is taken down. What, you don’t remember, but it’s there and it knows it. City, the. Detaching. Emergency Broadcast System. Gamy. And did you finish the prayer? You decided words weren’t enough… acts, powers, conditions, procedures. Cities, towns, villages, districts. After the light has waited, retake: shot or scene that needs to be taken more than once. Reshoot action adventure. Our black box. Reptilian green eyes, algae. Chase Scene. Key light: primary light focuses on subject. Grab the vine and climb the light. Trust in motions that bring us closer to the glare.

Cheyenne Nimes
Nano Fiction