WATCHING - jon mau

Across the hallway, there is a small television playing in the lounge. You can see it if you lean forward a bit, and look through the safety-glass window of the door. The window with the green cross-hatching, because it’s safety glass. The TV is an old-fashioned CRT television, with a small screen. It could be 6 or 7 inches. No, I’m not sure. My grandfather used to watch baseball on the porch on one that size. It was black and white. If you lean forward a bit you can see. It’s hard to tell what’s on. No, I don’t know. But it could be a game show. The time is right for “The Price is Right” to be on, so it could be “The Price Is Right.” But it’s hard to tell. But it could be. Imagine that they’re playing the giant plinko-style game. To win money. If you lean forward a bit, it looks like it might be the plinko game. They could be winning at it. It takes a lot of luck. They could be winning a lot of money at the plinko game, on “The Price is Right.” I’d sure like to know. Gosh, it’s killing me.

Jon Mau
Infinite Jest
David Foster Wallace