MARYNOWANE NIEBO - marcus slease

There is Ania and there is Gosia. Ania and Gosia live in block 393 and they are not the perfect pumpkins. They sing nie nie on a nightly basis. They push their zule and their zule push back but eventually they send their zule back to their domu. They say rozumiesz rozumiesz until their zule finally say tak tak and head home to dream their dreamless dreams and nurse their hangovers. So these two zule. These two zule of Ania and Gosia. They pimped out their ride. First they added a flame thrower. No two flame throwers. Then they added a wodka tap built right into the engine. They sport the perfect mullet and they dream dreams of an apocalyptic nature. Crashing their vehicles into an object is an artistic craving. Ania and Gosia are suckers for muscle cars but they are not suckers for zule. But they also know not every zul stays a zul and some zule become non-zule. For example, when they have a baby. Sometimes this works; sometimes this doesn’t. If you’re pregnant you are between third and home and it’s a real pickle. 

Marcus Slease
The Doll
Lucas Tomin