LOLO - dresden de vera

My grandpa’s was a language of staring.  He stared when I had something to say.  He stared when I should’ve had something to say.  He stared when there was nothing at all to say.  Being young, I took this as reason to avoid him.  But once, while my parents were out, I found him in his room, staring at a movie.  I preferred it to being alone, so I sat without permission, saw Mel Gibson driving a dune buggy on TV.  After the first explosion, I exclaimed, “Wow.”  He echoed, “Mm.”  We went on this way, in simple agreement of what was cool, who deserved to be shot, how we wanted the hero on top.  Before the movie finished, though, my parents came home.  Being young, I ran out the room to be with them.  I left my grandpa staring at the TV, whispering to the end.

Dresden de Vera
A Scanner Darkly
Philip K. Dick