SILV'S LIST - william boyle

Go to Shoprite. You’ll walk down that road past the wine lady’s house. Moon’s good over the roof of the Shell. Appreciate moon. Get deodorant. Read more. Read that Joan Didion Karen gave you. Mail Karen’s letter and mix tape tomorrow. See if Rudy wants to drink by Wallkill. Go to Salvo for records Friday. Get more work hours. Plan second mix for Karen. Write erotic novel under an alias. Call it Confessions of a Library Sex Fiend. Start it with a good fuck scene in a study carrel. YOU CAN MAKE A LOT OF MONEY WRITING SEX STORIES. Buy Ruth a book for Xmas. Not something she’ll hate. Get Judith a prism and make her a collage. You’ll need scotch tape. Get on the bus and go see The Master in the city. You’ll regret it if you don’t you big asshole. Do push-ups. Fuck push-ups. Buy socks. Ask Ruth and Judith for Mellon Collie reissue for Xmas. Get drunk on life stuff. Be like a zebra with special powers. Rise up into the sky and smoke cigarettes. If you can’t fly, drown. Listen. Spit. Grieve. Get the worst cough you’ve ever had. Skip work. Rent Twin Peaks again. 

William Boyle
Raymond Carver Will Not Raise Our Children
Dave Newman