Looking at it this way, I guess there are a lot of things to be looking at. Networks of people posting images to look at. Advertisements and videos of things about things to look at. If looking at things translates to thinking about things, then by all means, we should keep looking at things—keep typing words in the blank and laughing or gasping at the suggestions, observing the spectrum of images that define each specific query. I look at things and make things to look at, not because I want people to look at them, but because I know people will. People are looking at everything, and that's where I get hyper self-conscious, knowing that people are looking at everything. It's the first step to interpreting things, and interpretations are infinite, like good, bad, and all the places in between and undefined, like 'okay'. Infinite is strange, oblique. I can't imagine being lost in space and feeling infiniteness in all directions. Though I can imagine you'd feel fear. But maybe not, considering there'd be nothing to look at.

J Potter
The Dead Father
Donald Barthelme