It’s like one moment you are sitting. And then next you are not. You’re standing but you feel like you’re whirling in the white sheets of a hospital bed. Just looking at the pretty picture outside waiting for death.
Counting how many men or women 500, 502 and there was . . . , 510. Like counting the days in February, there are skips.
And for a moment you feel afraid. Scared! Terrified! Horrified! Overwhelmed! Like you-got-to-seize-the-day!

First it’s very normal. You enter it all in google.
Then it becomes too much! And you question how did they get there? Who? Why?
That’s the first week: Monday to Sunday.
Then things pop up and annoy you. Pop Vagina! Pop Ass Cheeks! Pop Mouth! Pop Breast!
And you think and you think and then you google it again: how to live life with. . .
Google says. And you follow. And you follow on Facebook the Guru with the Good life. And you follow the Pretty Poser on twitter.
But they must have it too, right?
They must have it?
Because you can see it!
You can see it, their digital herpes clustering. Just count the numbers.

Marie Greaves
The God of Small Things
Arundhati Roy