CONFESSION - andy riverbed


Andy Riverbed

I follow the orders dictated by my fathers, of absolute truth, truly no denials, suffer and endure acceptance to trauma. Known is the solution to this expression, a new procedure taught in the science lesson; it is to turn the tables, blow the fuse and rotate the room; when enjoyment and pleasure, a carnal pulling of that limb which extends the farthest, is stolen from the slice; when the crimson eyes jump back into the mind and pants of exhaustion are repeated endlessly: a new goal.

Past indulgence cut through the right side of your throat, the mundunugu will place seven fingers on your back and push. New result, a breaking, removal of fragments off your spinal chord. Are you aware? Those men in co-ordinate dress, wearing exotic magnifying glasses; they surround the table. Don't you see?! You are the umbrella on the dissecting table: being pulled, opened, made shorter, or longer, all depending if the instance walks farther.

Andy Riverbed may not be rich but he has class; he has no desire to be served or have you fired. This is why Andy Riverbed has class. Learn to live the good life!; join the Andy Riverbed mailing list at:, or check out his body at